YRTP – We’re Still Teaching!

Here’s a glimpse of how the trainees of the YRTP have been adapting to their training during the COVID-19 pandemic:


Teaching Art & Design

“Working as a trainee teacher during the current pandemic has brought its challenges in many forms. But it has also meant that we are collaborating more in a multitude of diverse ways and on various platforms. I found remote teaching strange at first, but it has meant that I am able to see the commitment and progress of every student that I teach by having their body of work available digitally. 

As an art teacher, it has been a steep learning curve to try to deliver high quality lessons without the use of specialist equipment and materials that students don’t have at home. But this has strengthened the work of our students, as they adapt to thinking creatively about what materials they have around them and how they can use them in different ways to create some really beautiful artwork. 

These are just a few of the amazing pieces of work produced by Year 8 students, inspired by Pop Art. They have used mediums such as paint, pencil or marker pens and everything in between.”

Teaching RE

“My School Direct experience during the pandemic has been such a smooth transmission to date. The staff always keep us updated and have been there as and when we needed them. Without this support I think the PGCE I am undertaking during these unprecedented times could have been a difficult experience. I’m very grateful to all the staff who have accommodated and been super supportive.” 

Teaching English

Virtual lesson introduction


Teaching Maths

“Teacher training has been the best decision ever. An amazing course, with great support and fantastic tutors. As a trainee having to adapt to the challenges the pandemic has imposed and still being able to achieve the objectives of the course is commendable! Traditional methods of teaching have been adapted for the whole country but as a trainee our provision has been excellent and has enabled us to learn these methods as well as the traditional ones. I have continued to teach my timetable with all my classes both in school and remotely with the flexibility present. A great support system is available that guides you through your training with a great depth of knowledge. They say you learn something new every day and this course delivers that in leaps and bounds! Some of the range of activities apart from teaching my subject which I have been involved in are:

Weekly mentorials 

Support with pastoral care

Mentoring Programmes with Year 11s

Lockdown Virtual Treasure Hunt

Parents evening

PGCE Data gathering 


Teach meet”