SKE Feedback

English (TES)

The first was, after being out of education for 7 years, it really got me quickly up to speed with the English GCSE and gave me a confidence boost. I also had to juggle it part time with other major commitments so it helped me prep for the intensity of a PGCE. 

The second was actually the financial aspect. It really helped me when I was really struggling for money


English (TES)

I found the SKE really useful because:

It gave me a good base knowledge of the English GCSE texts before teaching them.

Gave me chance to reflect on my own work and how I could improve, which is vital for the PGCE year.

It got me used to the idea of writing up my thoughts and reflections on a daily basis, again, ready for the training year.

It was really thorough, detailed and required hard work, wasn’t just a refresher course.

After being out of school for a while, it is a good way of getting back into writing in an educational/academic way and a good reminder of texts you may have studied before but forgotten the details of.

When you pass it gives you a level of confidence as a reminder that you know what you’re talking about.

The money helped me to stop my job.


English (TES)

I found the SKE beneficial in many ways, mainly that it has set me up for the different texts I will come across when teaching the topics myself. 
It was definitely time consuming. I would only say that they should allow students to study it sooner, because I had to wait to find out the bursary amount, it meant that I had to start the SKE later. The only other thing was the sheer about of information they expect in the tables, I would never expect a student to fill that in as it was far too much!


Science (TES)

I think that the SKE was highly beneficial as it boosted my confidence in chemistry and physics and I was able to teach those subjects during my training year. 

The SKE provided a huge bank of resources.

The SKE was easily accessible. 

I was able to still use the resources for a short period of time even after I had finished the course. 


Science (VidLearn)

Gives an overview of what you need to teach as part of the curriculum and a way of revising over everything ready to teach

Helpful and insightful – covers  range of topics in depth

What could be better is if they gave tips on how you can teach some topics.


Maths (TES)


Improved knowledge as my degree was not in Maths

Successful  – boosted confidence

Great preparation 


MFL (VidLearn)

The SKE course I did for Spanish was crucial to my training.

It would have been almost impossible to teach a language I had no knowledge of without the SKE to help me learn the basics of what I needed to know.

The one I did was Vidlearn – and the videos were really clear and it was broken up into modules. The feedback at the end was very useful too. 

It gave me to confidence to teach Spanish in my placement school and also meant that I had a bank of accurate resources to use and refer back to in order to plan Spanish lessons. 


ITT Coordinator views

Allows them to get back into the habit of studying – I have a lot of career changers / left uni 2 years ago.

Good if the degree does not match up

Makes them think about teaching well in advance.