Steph Little

Steph Little is a primary trainee based at Healey Primary School completing her PGCE with Leeds Beckett University. This is her reflection on a CPD session she attended at Spen Valley High School in October 2018.


No matter how much you might think you know or you think you have learned about something, there is always room to learn more. Sometimes you might have ideas in your mind but you just need that extra little spark to bring it to reality. As people who have all grown up as learners, we are all likely to have been a victim of the boring presentation and chant of dull information, and through these experiences we have been ignited to ensure that, as teachers, we don’t put our future pupils through the same dull experiences. We hope to deliver engaging, inspiring and enjoyable lessons to those that we teach. The simple hope to do so is not all the power required to achieve this. Hywel Roberts taps into this hope through a charismatic address and provides that spark to bring those hopes to reality. He brings the how to the hope. He breaks through the surface of what is perceived as ‘engaging’ and gives it meaning by reminding us to give meaning and to give purpose to what we teach so that our pupils can truly learn. This ignition can then set our minds alight as we explore the different paths of learning that we can deliver as well as take opportunity for self reflection.

This is further brought about through Roberts’ creation of an instant sense of belonging amongst a room of strangers. Anecdotes pulling on a full range of emotions that every person working in education has experienced in some way or another remind us to reflect positively upon ourselves and each other as we focus in on the heart of what we do; our pupils. Within less than 2 hours the minds of this audiences were captured to go out and capture the minds of those in their classrooms. Even as teachers we have capacity to expand our learning further so that we can expand the learning of others.