Aspire Primary Partnership

Why choose Aspire?


The Aspire Cluster offers: 

  • Proven track record of bringing teachers into the profession through high quality Initial Teacher Training.                         
  • Expertise and enthusiasm across the cluster in the professional development of all education staff. 
  • Opportunities for trainees to learn about and experience the special features of each partner school through School Experience Days.
  • Benefits of studying with Leeds University 
  • Masters level PGCE and Qualified Teacher Status.
  • Experienced mentors and tutors who will provide personalised support across the placements.
  • Opportunities to meet and develop as a group of Aspire trainees during both placements.           
  • To endeavour to support you with finding a post either within the partnership or beyond. (please note that a place with school Direct and the Aspire Partnership does not guarantee an offer of employment)  

  Aspire Aims 

  • To provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which trainees become enthusiastic, reflective and knowledgeable teachers
  • To optimise trainees’ chances of embarking upon a successful career in education

Applicant Qualities

The Aspire group looks for the following qualities in applicants for School Direct place:


  • Strong and committed work ethic
  • Passion for both learning and teaching
  • Excellent organisation and time management skills
  • Resilience to cope under pressure
  • Creativity
  • Self-motivated
  • Resourceful
  • Open to constructive criticism
  • Adaptable
  • Reflective approach
  • Sense of humour
  • Patient


  • Degree 2:2 or higher
  • GCSE English and Maths Grade C or above
  • You must have registered for the Skills Tests
  • A good understanding of current issues in education


  • Relevant and substantial school context experience in a UK state Primary school
  • Relevant experience of working with young children.

Some trainee evaluations:

the training we have received has been outstanding – so many new ideas and opportunities for professional development

having the opportunity to work across some fantastic schools with highly experienced tutors

They really couldn’t have done a better job.. the support was fantastic

support from Class Based Tutors and School Mentors has been fantastic

sense of welcome and family in the cluster

The cluster enables trainees to develop a relationship with one another and maintain contact through the placements

I was made to feel welcome by the whole staff

There was trust placed in me which built my confidence and skills