Volunteering at Guides by Ms Spence

Katie Spence former School Direct trainee, now qualified teacher explains why she got into Girl Guiding

The decision to volunteer to work with the Guides was an easy one. 

My previous experiences of Girl Guiding, as a Guide myself in my younger years and working with the group during my teacher training placement, have been positive and rewarding.

Girl Guiding presents fun and exciting opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge; from learning about other cultures, the way they cook and eat, to planning a party to celebrate a special event, each badge is different.

What makes volunteering at 26th Batley Girls’ High School Guide Unit special is the community feel; everyone is there for the same reason and everyone works together to achieve the end goal, whether they are student, leader or volunteer.

Volunteering at Guides has allowed me to develop my confidence outside of the classroom and gain new skills which can be transferred back into the classroom. I would recommend volunteering within Girl Guiding to everyone.