Sixth Form Enrichment – Creative Calligraphy

SIXTH FORM - Creative Calligraphy

During Enrichment, students had taken on the opportunity to build their creative skills deriving from their prior artistic expertise from the school art projects.

Students’ deep curiosity allowed them to look in to the historical aspect of this creative form, researching around the Roman and Greek authentic sculptured-calligraphy writing styles.

Students participated in a practical carousel activity experiencing writing in different types of calligraphy such as Chinese Art, Arabic/Islamic Calligraphy and Old English/Gothic. Students have gradually developed the skills of writing in traditional Old English and be able to create authentic scrolls and beautiful poems.

The image shows the display board we created as a class, working together to embed calligraphy in all of the art pieces and the skills students have developed.

Following are some quotes from the students.

“I have enjoyed calligraphy; it is a nice change from the academic subjects and gave me the opportunity to use my creative skills.”

“Calligraphy has been useful. I have been creating cards and poems in calligraphy writing and it has really made my writing look beautiful. I am pleased I have gained a new skill and I am able to look at the world around me in a more creative way.”

As a Trainee Teacher, by working with the students on a creative project, it really has encouraged me to take on confidently a more imaginative approach within my lessons.

The enrichment provided me with the opportunity to express my personality as well as perceiving the students’ individual personalities within their projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience which has been very inspiring, especially with the help and support of such supportive staff; thank you!

Sonia Ashfaq