Da Vinci Club

Da Vinci Club has continued to be a success with the students this term with help from school direct trainee John Neal, with an average attendance of 20 girls each week.
This term the focus of the club has been on Da Vinci’s flying machines with the students taking simple designs and developing them on a significant scale. The girls took the humble paper aeroplane and through progressive design and production skills created a range of design styles that they then continued to enlarge to recreate the A4 designs on a larger scale.
Like Da Vinci himself the students also investigated propeller powered flying machines and used the knowledge they had learnt to make battery powered propeller flying machine models. A great experience was given to the members of the club when they were given the opportunity to view the masterpieces of the Renaissance Art movement through the virtual world of VR. This opportunity was offered to them through the use of Google Expeditions Virtual Reality headsets which transported the club to locations such as Venice, Florence, Rome and Vienna.