Day in the life of a Schools Direct Trainee


Arrive at school with a bag over one shoulder, packed lunch tied to my hand, rummaging around for my ID card that, if I can find it, allows me into the school building. I can see the teachers looking at me, wondering if I have finished all my homework and if I have all my equipment needed for lessons.

Ah, another exciting day as a trainee teacher. The day begins with a briefing, either departmental or school. This is a time to catch those teachers who can make or break your lesson plans and ask others for help with issues that you are struggling with.Then, before you know what has happened, you are stood in front of 30 girls staring at you. This is the moment where you realise why you want to teach. Life as a Trainee is action packed, so much goes on that it is impossible to summarise it all. But, what I can say is when that moment occurs where a pupil remembers something you taught all those weeks ago makes the entire experience all the more worthwhile.

As a trainee at Batley Girls’, I was given so many opportunities from the start. I was involved in meetings, briefings and debriefings where my input, no matter how small, was recognised. I was offered the involvement in extra – curricular activities like film club, debating team and when the first term came to an end we were involved in the excellence of East Meets West. It is obvious I wanted to be a teacher before, but my outstanding experience at Batley Girls’ has solidified that enthusiasm.

Michael Jenkinson
School Direct History Trainee

Note: Michael is now Second in Humanities at Upper Batley High School.